About Me

5′ 10″. Blonde hair. Gray eyes. Taurus. Afraid of sharks coming out of swimming pool drains. Been pooped on by pigeons 3 separate times. Have a knack for finding and keeping stray animals. Cry when I see road kill. Enjoy swearing like a sailor when I lose my temper. Cry when children sing in unison. Like driving my mom’s old Volvo. Once had to take a DMV permit test in Spanish as there were no English ones handy- I don’t speak Spanish. Oldest of 4 girls now women. Cry at parades, dance recitals, marathons. Love brussel sprouts, all types of squash and spinach. Really love bacon cheeseburgers. Those closest to me call me Mom, Al, Sas and crazy. I make chocolate and bake for a living. It’s sweet.